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Outsourcing Services

Meeting Your Needs

Hotline Consultant

Customer Service Support

Live Phone Support
Live Chat Support
Email Management
Live Order Processing
Live Account and CRM Management
And More!

Training Services

Job and/or Industry-specific Training
PCI Compliance Training
Anti- Harassment Training
Non-Discrimination Training
Inventory Training
Order Fulfillment Training
Department Specific Training (Membership Dept., Orders Dept., Customer Service Dept., etc.)
Track trainings with training charts
And More!

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Image by Scott Graham

Daily Processing

Processing payments for orders, memberships, educational workshops and webinars, subscriptions, and meetings
Updating customer accounts
Reply to all incoming customer service emails within 24hrs of receipt
Processing purchase orders within 24hrs of receipt
Replying to all voicemails received during hours closed within 24hrs of receipt
Client Schedule Management
And More!

Data Analysis and Reporting

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually
Collect phone report call codes and report to client monthly or as requested
Collect volume of emails and report to client monthly or as requested
Collect volumes of customer service specific tasks and report to client monthly or as requested
Quarterly review of overall volumes, payments, high sellers, marketing suggestions
Outbound Campaign Reporting monthly or as requested
And More!

Analysing data
Globalization concept

Outbound Campaigns

Membership Renewal Reminder calls
Lapsed Membership calls
New Member Welcome calls
Collections calls
New and Upcoming Promotion calls
And More!

Outbound Mailings

Membership Renewal Invoices mailed monthly or as requested
Weekly and Monthly Collection Invoices mailed
Membership Kits
Lapsed Member Postcards
Promotional Flyers
And More!

Services: Services
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